Christine Lyons

Christine founded Lakewood Lodge in 1995. She believed that children need to experience a safe homely environment where they can improve their self confidence and learn about the care of water and animals. Christine is an ex schoolteacher. The well being of children is close to her heart. The Lodge has a warm welcoming atmosphere that Christine believes is very important. Children and adults feel "at home" there and are able to explore their options in a safe caring atmosphere. Christine believes that if you can change just one child's life and beliefs each week, this will help our world. Christine also believes that we need to mix different cultures together to improve race relations and develop understanding of each others differences. To that end, the Lodge has children visit from China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea and Tahiti as well as New Zealand children. It can be surprising how some of these nationalities do not tolerate each other so Christine endeavours to amalgamate them in a fun way. If we can teach our children to get on with other races, they will develop into better adults.

Jeff Lyons

Jeff is Christine's son. He worked part time in the business while Christine was establishing it. He achieved outdoor education courses and experienced two Camp America camps to give him the experience he needed. He quickly became full time, doing everything from laundry to teaching activities. Jeff knows every part of the business and can fill in anywhere!


Jeff loves all sport as you can see from the photo where he supported the All Blacks in the World Cup 2015. He also loves squash and cricket as well as travelling. His favourite destination is Thailand where he goes for a cricket tournament every year. Jeff has a son who follows in his footsteps with his love of sport.


Jeff shares Christine's aims and aspirations for Lakewood Lodge. He says "Our Mission Statement is that we care about children, we care about animals, we care about the environment. We encourage children to care too."