Concert and Disco | Lakewood Lodge


Concert and Disco! Your chance to pull out all the stops and show your instructors your star quality.

At the end of your camp week everybody will get together to showcase and appreciate everyone’s talents. So, make sure you start thinking about what you want to do early on. If you’re lucky your instructors might get involved and perform too!

Throughout camp you will have time each day to decide what your performance will be and get practising. You could sing a song, show off your magic skills, play an instrument. Maybe you want to get together with some friends and perform a skit. Or show us your dance moves! Whatever it is, just make sure you bring your enthusiasm! There might be some extra treats for concert superstars at the end of camp prize giving.

On your final night of camp your instructors will become the hosts of the world famous ‘Lakewood’s Got Talent!’. One by one everybody will get to come up on stage and show us what they’ve been working on all week.

Once everyone has performed it’s time for the Lakewood lodge Disco! Fantastic music, loads of energy, flashing lights, and lots of moving around! Time to bust out your dancing shoes and show us what you’ve got. Now is your chance to use up all that energy left over from our concert, if you have any left! Your instructors will be there picking some great tunes out for you and showing you how it’s done on the dance floor. Challenge them to a dance battle and see who comes out on top! The  Lakewood Lodge Concert and Disco is definitely a night to remember.