Animals | Lakewood Lodge


Our farm has a range of animals that give campers the chance to be up-close to some different species and interact with them.

Caring for animals is part of the Lakewood Lodge experience. One of the reasons Lakewood Lodge was set up was to give city children the chance to experience animals in a farm environment. All our animals are “hands-on”, meaning campers get to be up-close and interact with them face-to-face.


Many of our sheep are pets, having previously been hand raised for Calf-club or school pet days. They are all very friendly and love to have a pat and a scratch. Our sheep live near the Climbing Wall and often like to check out what’s happening during this activity. One activity during camp is Animal Feeding, and the sheep are one of the animals we feed at this time.


We have a mixed flock of chickens including four roosters at camp. Yes, the roosters will wake you up in the morning… Welcome to farm life! Come and collect the eggs and feed our chooks each day during camp at Animal Feeding time! A couple of our chickens are able to be petted… a truly different experience indeed! Kevin is our one-eyed rooster who lost his eye in a fight with another rooster. As the obvious loser of the fight, he moved out from the chook house, and found himself another place to live… straight outside the Lodge! Kevin loves to visit the Lodge and is up for any free snacks. He has also worked out the time the horses get fed and arrives very promptly at the stables to be in on the free food that the horses drop as they eat.


Betty is our resident goat. She is a Nubian breed and has been at Lakewood Lodge since 2013. Betty is an experienced escape artist and seems to know exactly when the electric fences are turned off! Keeping Betty in her paddock is an ongoing mission… if she does escape, she loves to come to visit everyone in the Lodge. You will get to meet Betty when feeding the animals each day, or when participating in horse riding activities, as she lives beside the arena.


Bailey is our pig… he is still a baby but is growing fast. Bailey loves to gobble up all the left-overs from the kitchen, and eagerly awaits the arrival of his dinner each day. You can meet Bailey when you feed the animals during animals feeding times.