Iron Person Competition | Lakewood Lodge


What is Iron Person you say? Mix of a relay race, obstacle course, lake swim and a little bit of mud together and you get Lakewood Lodge’s famous Iron Person Competition! After a week filled to the brim with activities, Iron Person is your last chance to get muddy, make some noise and most importantly work together as a team.

Starting at the Lodge, your instructors will brief you on what you need for the challenge ahead. Most important item definitely being a spare change of clothes! Once every team is ready, you’ll follow your instructor down to the lake, towel in hand. Your instructor will get everyone sat in their group lines by the water and start explaining what you’re going to be doing. Make sure you’re listening carefully; ten extra star jumps to anyone that goes the wrong way on the course!

So, what do you have to do for Iron Person? Come together as a group and showcase your teamwork and resilience to win the ultimate relay race. When the instructor blows their horn one member of each team will jump up. You’ll then do ten star jumps and ten push ups. Your instructors will be watching so no cheating! Then you’ll sprint to our tyres, climb through as fast as you can and carry on running. On your way back you’ll dive through the tyres again, then run round our flax bushes. Once you’ve worked up a sweat, you’ll crawl under one of our horse jumps, getting nice and muddy for the rest of the course. You’ll push through to the next obstacle, running round barrels in your way ten times, once you’re dizzy enough you can carry on! Then you’ll get to a big green tarp. Can’t go around it, can’t go over it, have to go under it! Army crawl under this obstacle and make your way back to your instructor. Almost done but not quite, here you’ll be fitted with a life jacket for your final obstacle. Using all your perseverance, run round to the other side of the lake and jump in! You’ll swim across the lake to the jetty, hop out of the water and tag your next team mate as fast as possible.

Iron person is a great chance to showcase all the fantastic skills you’ve learnt during your time at Lakewood Lodge. Make sure you cheer your team mates on as loud as you can, you can’t win this one by yourself!