Firepit | Lakewood Lodge


The Firepit is an evening activity that is held at the survival site at the top of the driveway.

Starting at the Lodge the Instructor will tell the group what they need. This includes warm clothing, covered shoes and in some cases a torch as well. The group will be led up the driveway to where the instructor will already have the fire going ready for the evening. Everyone will take a seat on the logs surrounding the fire and wait for the instructor to begin. Our firepit night will normally begin with some relaxing, everyone sitting down and having a chat about how their day went and the different activities they did. It will then move onto some ghost stories where you might learn what the number seven means to us, who is Peter? and what has a Gypsy on the lake got to do with everything? You might also get to tell your own scary story so think of some good ones and try to scare the instructors. Finally, there might be some singing competitions such as riff offs where the instructor will get you to sit in your groups and will give everyone a category.

Starting with the first group they will sing a song in that category and then the instructor will point to another group and they must sing a different song in that same category. It will continue throughout each group until a group cannot figure out a song and they will therefore be out of the game and a new category will be given to the remaining teams. The game will continue until there is one team left. This winning team will be the first team selected up around the firepit to roast some marshmallows. The instructor will give each person a skewer and some marshmallows. Stick them on your skewer and place them in the embers of the fire but be careful they do not completely melt and fall off. When you carefully pull your skewer out of the fire beware that your marshmallows might be on fire. Give them a light blow and pull off gooey goodness and eat your marshmallows.

After everyone has finished their marshmallows the fire is put out and everyone returns to camp and its time for some sleep before another day of activities.