Burma Trail | Lakewood Lodge


Our Burma Trail is a trail set up through the bush surrounding Lakewood Lodge and it is an activity that will challenge anyone.

To complete the trail, the participant needs to navigate effectively so that they can follow the trail by using lots of different senses. The trail is set up with lots of obstacles, logs and goes around trees, and just to make it interesting, we do this activity at night. The participants are blindfolded and in the dark. They go carefully, (always under adult supervision) and holding onto and following a rope through the bush at Lakewood Lodge. The participants need to watch out for instructors and adults who like to hide and scare you on the way!

To give you some idea what our Burma Trail is like there are some comments of students who came to Lakewood Lodge and did the Burma Trail: Going on the Burma trail in the dark while blindfolded was fun and scary! I had to keep hold of a rope, and then the parents tried to scare you and making noises and touching your shoulders. Lots of people screamed! “and “it was the best day! We also did a Burma Trail. I got to go first, and I got freaked out but then it was funny” and “I enjoyed the Burma Trail. We got blindfolded and had to follow a rope, it was slippery and muddy and then the parents came to scare us. We all screamed and laughed really loud. It was great! I can’t wait to do it again”