Lake Challenge | Lakewood Lodge


Put all your problem-solving skills, team work and ingenuity to the test in our Lake Challenge! A competition between two teams to see who can make the most stable raft. Will your creation stand the test of our lake? This challenge is designed to push you and your team mates to the max, demanding all of your communication skills to succeed.

Your instructor will get you ready at the Lodge, with a towel and a spare change of clothes. Hopefully you won’t need them! Once everyone is ready, you’ll make your way down to our man-made lake. Here’s where the fun begins! Your instructor will split your group into two teams, now it’s time to test how you work together with a game. Each team will be given a challenge, specifically designed to ger you working together. It will test your communication skills, memory and patience. Make sure to try your best, the winners will receive a secret advantage in the final competition! This could be the difference between winning or losing.

Now for a chance to earn some extra supplies for building with. A team race around the lake. Winners of the last challenge will go first. But don’t speed off without your team mates, this race is all about power in numbers. Your instructor will arrange your group in a line then run through the course with you, you’ll then join hands. Here’s where it gets tricky! You and your team must race around our track not only in the fastest time, but without letting go of each other’s hands. Be careful there might be time penalties for any rule breakers.

Once a winning team has been found and given their prize, it’s time to learn some handy skills that could help you with your build. Your instructor will spend one on one time with each group, now’s your time to ask any questions you think could help you! They’ll show you how to tie a reef knot which will really come in handy later.

You’ve now got all the materials and knowledge to build a great raft! Time for the countdown to begin. You’ll get fifteen minutes to make your raft, remember to communicate with your team and get everyone involved. The strongest group is the one working together and listening to everyone’s ideas.

The instructor calls time! Hopefully you finished your raft fast enough, because now it’s time to test them. Your instructor will fit you with life jackets and help the first two members of your team onto your vessel. Once in the water you will get your final mission. To get everyone in your group to the island in the fastest time. But there are some tricky twists! Can’t make it too easy can we? This race isn’t just about speed, it will test your logic and problem-solving skills too. Make sure your whole team are using their balancing skills and holding on throughout this race! Nobody gets left behind, and every fall in the water adds a time penalty. The team that gets every member onto the island in the fastest time is our winner!


Do you think you’re up for the challenge?