Y Games | Lakewood Lodge


Ever wanted to be a contestant on a game show? Then Lakewood Lodge’s Y Games is for you!

Y Games is a night time activity that mixes eating challenges, singing, trivia and mini games together into one crazy challenge.

Your instructor will line each group up and then transform into your game show host for the night! Make sure to stay on their good side, they’ll also be in charge of handing out all the Y Games points. Throughout the night Y Games points will be awarded to the teams that do the best. Not just by winning mini games, but also by being the loudest supporters, most enthusiastic and the best sports. So, make sure you bring your team spirit.

The first challenge of the night is a quick but important one, picking your team name! You’ll be given five minutes to decide as a group on a name that you think will impress your host the most. Once names are decided the game is on.

Next up is the eating challenge, still hungry after dinner? Then this is perfect for you, a relay race with eating instead of running. One by one a member of your team will come up and pick something out of your groups container of mystery food. They’ll then eat as fast as they can. Once you think your mouth is empty, open wide and show your host. If they think it’s good enough it’s the next person’s turn. If not, keep on chewing! Once everything in your container is gone your team is finished. But make sure you cheer your team on, you might get some extra points.

Once everyone is full its straight into the next challenge. A series of mini games designed to test your patience and hand eye co-ordination.  Your instructor will demonstrate what tasks you have to complete using a stack of cups, ping pong balls and some other mystery items. Once the timer starts it’s a race to the finish. With each team member completing the task one by one. Make sure you’re cheering on your group! The first team to have everyone complete the tasks is the winner.

Everyone’s favourite challenge is our grand finale, our music round! A chance for you and your team to test your song lyrics, movie trivia and most importantly team communication in the final Y Games showdown. Teams will be pitted against each other in the ultimate music quiz to see who comes out on top. One small twist, you’ll be blindfolded! Making your listening skills extra important for this one. One member from each team will step up on stage and get blindfolded.  Your game show host will then play a song. It’s the contestants’ job to figure out the name of the song and who sings it in the fastest time. Music isn’t your strongest topic? Don’t worry your team mates can help you! If someone knows an answer you don’t, they can whisper it to the person in front of them, this will carry on as a whisper train until it reaches the contestant in the hot seat! Every team member will have a chance to give it a go and win some points for their team.


Once all the points are added up it’s time to announce our Y Games champion team!