Trash 2 Fashion | Lakewood Lodge


The chance to put all your creativity, resourcefulness and charisma to the test.

For one night a week Lakewood Lodge transforms from a children’s camp into a fashion runway, for you and your team to strut your stuff!

You will be given a supply of various household items and a time limit. The goal is to transform these everyday things into a beautiful work of art. What will your theme be? Superheroes, monsters, rock stars, whatever it is make sure it will wow your judges! Your team will have to work together to decide who is the best fit for each important role. You’ll need your crafty team mates to create your garment, a great story teller to give us their backstory and let’s not forget your model to show off your creation down the runway. Don’t forget, you’ll only have thirty minutes so better get working! Once your time is up it’s showtime! Your instructors will introduce each team and give them a chance to amaze them with what they’ve come up with. Do you have what it takes to be Lakewood Lodges’ next Trash 2 Fashion champions? Come along and let’s find out!