Arts & Crafts | Lakewood Lodge


Even if you aren’t a creative person, our arts and crafts hour is perfect for adults and children alike.

This activity is great for those winter days when the weather doesn’t permit us to run our 6 main activities. The session usually takes place in the games hall so you can feel free to express yourself without having to worry about the mess that comes with this activity.

 There are many benefits to doing arts and crafts which we like to encourage here at Lakewood Lodge. Some of these benefits can be physical things such as improving fine motor skills, lowers stress levels, strengthen hand-eye co-ordination, and lengthen your attention span. Arts and crafts are also an amazing way to express yourself creatively.

A few of the arts and crafts we incorporate into our sessions are basic drawing, painting and scrapbooking. We also do more advanced projects which include things like tie-dying pillowcases or T-shirts, yarn balls, popsicle stick frames and dream catchers. Our most popular DIY project is the Yarn Balls. These can be attached onto a set of string lights and hang around your house or bedroom for a more personalised touch.