Survival | Lakewood Lodge


There is nothing like going into the wilderness with nothing but a few basic supplies and your own wits. We know that we are not alone in this thought. There’s definitely a great advantage in people learning Survival skills.

Our Survival program has been designed so that students have a safe and enjoyable learning experience and learn how to become more comfortable in the outdoors. They will develop teamwork and leadership skills and are encouraged to camp more and do these outdoor activities later in life. This is done in a fun environment and with as much laughter as possible. In short, Survival Camp at Lakewood Lodge is a way to enjoy nature, learning new skills but at the same time having fun.

We have well trained instructors to do this experience, who will, together with participating adults, create a great memory for the students. The day starts where the instructor will introduce him/herself and the students will be allocated into groups with a leader. They then will be informed what they can take to ‘survive’. They will be given directions on how to get to the Survival Camp (orienteering). Once at the Camp there will be a discussion on survival rules, expectations and each team will get to create a team name and the kids will be face painted so that each group is easy identifiable.

There are several ice breaking activities i.e. human knot game, human chin game, sitting circle game. All these exercises are to encourage participation and teamwork.

There is an allocated site for boys’ and girls’ tents and with the help of the adults the students will be setting up their own tents. A tent inspection will follow.



Meals will be cooked by the students but only after the Fire Challenge has taken place. Fire is essential for survival in the wilderness. You need fire to boil water, for purifying water, cooking food, staying warm or chase away animals.


Fire Challenge is where the students learn how to safely make a fire with the help and supervision of the adults and then they learn how to cook lunch or dinner.


Shelter building is also important if you wish to survive in the great outdoors and is another one of the activities during Survival camp.


The Mud Run is so much fun! Students will run through the mud along a course with obstacles.

There are so many more activities at Survival: search and rescue, first aid minefield, pipe challenge just to name a few.

Evening games are usually done around the campfire. The students will sleep in their tents over night and then they will be back at the main lodge in time for a well-deserved breakfast the following morning.