Minefield | Lakewood Lodge


Minefield is an activity that will test participants on communication, resilience, memory and most of all teamwork.

The Instructor will gather the group at the front of the lodge on the courtyard where the big outdoor chess board is. This will be the playing ground for Minefield. Participants will all start at one end of the chess board and the idea is to find the way through the minefield without standing on any mines. Either an instructor or assisting adult will have a map that will have the safe route through the mines shown on it. Stepping on one chess square one person at a time the group must use their memory and a lot of communication to help each other through, no talking allowed though! If you stand on a mine your adult will make a bang and your whole team makes their way back to the beginning and the next person will have a turn. As each person makes it through the minefield, they will have to assist the rest of their team through from the finish. There are four levels and as the levels get higher so does the difficulty. You might find your team having to complete the level and then having to remember it from the finish to the start again.