Own Choice Activities | Lakewood Lodge


Here at Lakewood Lodge we run three, one hour and a half long sessions of activities a day, Archery, Low Ropes, Kayaking, Flying-Fox, Climbing Wall, Horse Games and Survival, these are our seven main activities. However, the fun doesn’t end once these are finished. Come 3.30pm our guests have a multitude of other activities to choose from. We like to keep everyone entertained at Lakewood Lodge, there is never a moment when someone isn’t laughing.

Lakewood’s most popular ‘Own choice’ activity is the Waterslide. Our water slide is approximately 13 metres long with foam padding underneath so you can guarantee a fun time for adults and children alike. With one of our staff members, anyone can race down our Waterslide. Get into your togs and see how long it takes to get to the bottom. The biggest splash or the most stylish slide down are always popular with students and adults!

In the sunny seasons we allow our campers to go for a cool dip in the lake under the watchful eye of our instructors.

Should you choose not to participate in the water activities for ‘Own Choice’ we also have a wide range of books to read from or board and card games to play with your friends, or even challenge an instructor, if you have a competitive spirit.

Up for a little bit more of strategy, at the front of the main lodge, on the court yard, you may notice a giant game of chess, our staff encourage you to give this one a go, maybe you could teach a few of us how to play!

None of the above options appealing to you, don’t you worry, we have a hall full of different games. During ‘own choice’ we offer pool and table tennis competitions; the winner gets an extra bowl of dessert. The pool and table tennis tables can be found down in the hall, we have two of each so there is plenty to share.

We also have 2 x Pool tables as well as a Table Tennis table so you can challenge your friends and see who is the champion.

Want something that requires a bit more physical exercise?? Well don’t look to far. Out the back of hall we have a sand volleyball court, here you can find our guests playing a game of volleyball, or Lakewood Lodges famous ‘J-Ball’.


What’s J-Ball you ask?

J-Ball is a ball game that requires two teams, there is no maximum number of players for this. One person from a side will throw the ball over the net to an ‘Empty’ area in their opponents court in an attempt to get one of their players out, if the opponents players don’t catch the ball before it touches the ground, the closest person to the ball is out. They must then wait on the side lines and cheer their team on. The objective is to get all the players out on the opposite team. Want a faster paced game. Same rules apply however, those that are out are allowed to come back in if one of their opponent’s team members gets ‘out’.