Cooking Lessons | Lakewood Lodge


Students of any age can help in the kitchen and learn culinary skills.  They love to be in the kitchen, it makes them feel important and grown up because they believe the kitchen is reserved for “big people.” Giving them a few tasks to perform helps to build their confidence and begins teaching them about kitchen safety. Our Chef James will take the students through some basic kitchen etiquette and where items are stored, hygiene and preparation. He will also give a talk about where the ingredients come from. Once this is done the students will be taught to cook a meal, bake muffins or biscuits under James’ supervision and the end result they will share with the rest of the group. Maximum number of students in a group is 5 so if there are more then 5, we have our instructors helping out. Recipes like meatballs and sauce on top of spaghetti and sprinkled with cheese or home-made pizzas or burgers are a great winner with everyone. And then there is the clean up!!  At Lakewood Lodge we think that cooking or baking are a great activity for the students. Cooking uses many skills like math, reading, leadership and it creates confidence. Most of all it is fun!!