Spotlight | Lakewood Lodge


Spotlight is a classic night time game and a favourite at Lakewood Lodge.

Make sure you wrap up warm and come prepared in your best camouflage to help you avoid being spotted! Once it’s nice and dark your instructor will lead you into one of our paddocks, with plenty of trees to hide behind, and explain the rules. After that they are now your enemy, trying their best to stop you from winning the game. Your mission for the night is to be the first one to get from one end of the paddock to the other by passing your instructor who will be guarding the finish line. But make sure you’re being sneaky! If one of our instructors catches you in the light with their torch it’s back to the start you go. It will take all your hiding skills and agility to be the sneakiest player. But you’ll also have to keep your speed in mind. You have to make it to the end before every other player too! If you impress your instructor and manage to win, they might even let you have a turn being the catcher. If that was too easy, you can join forces with some other players for the next round. See if you can use your team work and communication skills to get your whole team to the finishing line without being spotted! No matter what game you’re playing, always remember the most important thing. Don’t get spotted!