Low Ropes Challenge | Lakewood Lodge


Low Ropes at Lakewood Lodge is a series of deceptively challenging low to medium impact obstacles and courses to encourage teamwork, risk taking and leadership. Its specifically designed to get the participants to push personal boundaries.

The obstacles are based close to the ground so the perceived risks are low but the courses are still challenging to complete. Most of the sessions here at Lakewood are one hour and 30 minutes long, Low Ropes has enough obstacles to last for at least two and a half hours so you can guarantee you won’t be short of courses.

Low Ropes is catered to all audiences of any shape, size or age. Some benefits and attributes to this activity are that the obstacles are all based around strong team building, it improves balancing and co-ordination as well as promoting good all-round physical health. Low Ropes also targets problem solving so dust those cobwebs off that brain of yours, you’ll need to use it at this activity!

Our Low Ropes instructors are trained specifically to encourage leadership skills as well as working well within a team environment. By the end of the session, each member of the group will be able to put their trust in others and have confidence that their team mates will follow basic safety guidelines to complete the obstacles.

Low Ropes is our most popular activity to help the participants to get to know each other.


The obstacles and courses we offer at the Low Ropes site are:


Each participant will be standing on the beam, as the floor is “lava”, and will need to figure out a way to safely organise themselves in alphabetical order without falling off the beam. Once they have completed this, they will then need to re-organise themselves into order of their birthdays, month and day, the catch with this is the participants cannot talk, no sound can come out of their mouth other than laughter.


All the participants will stand on top of ‘The Titanic’, at each corner of the titanic is a tyre, the objective is to keep ‘The Titanic’ off the tyres for as long as possible.


Pick a buddy for this one. You and your buddy will balance on one side the tight rope triangle and pressing your palms against your buddy’s palms, you will make your way from one end to the other while the ropes get further and further apart. The other team mates will be your spotters (they will catch you should you lose your balance).


All the participants will wait on one side of the obstacle, and picking up one member at a time put them through the tyre without touching any of the ropes. This one builds a lot of trust within the group.


There are a series of ropes that make up a ‘web’. Each team mate must make their way through a hole without touching the outside ropes. Once one person has made it through a hole, no one else can use that hole.


The group will be split into two teams. One member from each team will walk along the rope until they meet, they will then verse each other at paper-scissors-rock. The person that wins will get to carry on to their opponent’s tree, the person who was defeated, needs to immediately jump off so the next member of their team can get on to stop the other team reaching their tree. The first team to three wins.


Each teammate will work their way up The Lazy Hammock, however they decide, without touching the ground through the net. Once they have made it to the top, they are then allowed to hold the hammock anywhere to stabilise it for the next member of their team. This is repeated until all participants have completed it.


Using only three planks, which are all different lengths, the group must make their way from one end to the other without touching the ground. Each end of planks must be on one of the ‘marshmallows’ before the team can cross it.


Last person standing! Everyone stands on the log. They then have to rock the log to try get the others off. No pushing. The last one left, wins!

Although, these activities require a lot of brain power, you can hear the participants laughing from every corner of Lakewood Lodge. It’s a good activity for everyone!