Photo Hunt | Lakewood Lodge


Our Photo Hunt is a great option for guests to get familiar with Lakewood Lodge’s grounds. It is a good team activity that brings out the leadership skills in everyone. The more competitive you and your team are, the more entertaining. Lakewood’s Photo Hunt is the perfect activity to become acquainted with the other players in the team if they aren’t already or to get more comfortable with one another.

To participate in the photo hunt, you will need multiple teams or groups of 2 or more, there is no limit on how many groups we can have. Each team will be given a list of things to do or subjects to take photos of. Each photo topic is located in a different location around the park, some as far away from the lodge as the letter box at the top of the driveway.


The team’s photos will get judged on three different criteria:

Team involvement

Facial expressions, imagination, and originality

Background (Scenery and creativity of the surroundings)

Each team will go around the Lodge grounds with an instructor checking things off the list as they complete them. However, to make things a bit more difficult, the instructors cannot help or intervene. 

There are 20 different topics and/or things to do and take photos of. The one that always gives the best reaction and produces the funniest photos is “Someone sitting on the $50 Toilet”. The $50 Toilet is one of the Frisbee Golf holes. The Photos Hunt subjects range from “getting photos with two different instructors” or “a group photo with Kevin” to “using people in your group to make the word ‘Lakewood”.