Frisbee Golf | Lakewood Lodge


Our Frisbee Golf course can cater for any number of guests, any age. It is a good activity for everyone to participate in to have a laugh and be entertained while practising their sharp accuracy skills.

Frisbee Golf at Lakewood Lodge is played with rules like that of golf. Our Frisbee Golf course has a total of 9 holes spread around the farm. Each hole begins at the starting point, or tee position, designated by the instructor and each player aims to throw a frisbee at a target that is some distance away with obstacles such as trees, hill or bodies of water between the start and the target.

Players begin by throwing the frisbee from the starting point then navigate the hole by picking up the frisbee where it lands and throwing it again until they reach the target. The objective of Frisbee Golf is to get through the course with as little throws as possible.

Each course at the Lodge is unique, meaning each course will require a different combination of throws to complete. Our courses are as follows:



Par 4. The first hole of the course. Starting at the top of the water slide, each player is to aim to get their frisbee down the hill into Cedric’s boat. Cedric’s boat has obstacles on the course such as the waterslide, the pond at the end of the slide, and a tree that is directly above Cedric’s boat.


Par 3. The second hole on the course of 9, starts near the chestnut tree by Archery. The players must stand at the bottom of the hill and throw their frisbee into a Yellow Trough at the top of the hill, known as ‘Big Bird’. They must navigate their way around the trees, fences, a stream, and the hill for this course.


Par 1. After completing ‘Big Bird’, the players then make their way to the third hole of the course, this hole is known as the $50 Toilet. Starting at the top of the hill, the participants must aim the frisbee into the toilet (non-operational of course!) at the bottom of the hill in amongst the gum trees. Should the player get a hole-in-one, they will receive $50 cash courtesy of Lakewood Lodge. It does have to land fully in the toilet though, no prizes if it bounces out again. Some hurdles on this hole are the gum trees, a little stream, and the possibility of throwing the frisbee into the paddock with Betty, Lakewood’s resident goat.


Par 7. The fourth hole. In the gully underneath the gum trees next to the driveway you will find a doghouse. Starting at the bottom of the gully near the $50 Toilet, each player must aim to get their frisbee inside the doghouse midway up the gully. Your frisbee may get snagged by a low-lying branch from the trees you are playing amongst.


Par 6. The mailbox is the fifth hole on the course. It borders the edge of Lakewood Lodges boundary, so make sure you don’t accidentally throw your frisbee over the fence or you may not get it back! A short walk up hill from the fourth hole, the participants will start by the farm gate and aim to get their frisbee into the mailbox on the other side of the paddock. The biggest hurdle of this course is the tree just off the centre of the opening of the mailbox.


Par 3. This hole gets its name from being the location of the old low ropes course. You will notice some of the obstacles still up so the players will need to navigate their frisbees through a series of ropes, bridges, tyres and lots of trees. Starting at the top of the hill by the mailbox, the players will need to get their frisbee through the tyre hanging off the tree near the bottom of the hill.


Par 5. Once the players have hit the last target, they will make their way over a stream towards the Flying Fox end platforms. Starting in the paddock at the back of the Flying Fox, everyone will need to skilfully throw their frisbees up the slight hill surrounded by trees into the Stockade.


Par 4. When all players are at the stockade, looking down the hill they will see a smiley face hanging off the side of one of the trees. This is the eighth hole of the course. The aim is for your frisbee to hit the smile.


Par 5. This is similar to the first hole, Cedric’s Boat, but opposite. Starting at the bottom of the hill near Cedric’s Boat each player will need to get their frisbee to the top of the hill. The target is the big paddle board at the top. The frisbees only need to touch the paddle board.