Horses | Lakewood Lodge


Our horses are an integral part of our Lakewood Lodge experience and have been since the camp was first opened. Our horses are used in activity sessions for our School Camps, as well as for School Holiday Camps, Horse Camps and for Lessons for members of the public.

At Lakewood Lodge we have horses who are experienced with children and novice/inexperienced riders. Many of those who come to camp have never been close to a horse let alone sat on one! However, by the end of an hour and a half session most people are able to steer the horse where they want to go, and stop. It can be a scary experience for some people, the first time they step up to get on a horse, but our horses are patient and gentle, and many of those who begin the session feeling apprehensive soon find they are lining up for a second turn!


Our Horse Activities comprise of the following…


Our School Groups and Holiday Camps participate in “Horse Games” where the students all get to ride on a horse, some for the first time in their lives. During the sessions they will learn to steer and stop a horse, undertake an obstacle course and perform some confidence-building activities whilst on the horse. These sessions build trust and confidence whilst taking them potentially out of their comfort zone. The sessions also help students learn to overcome their fears as they interact with a large, live animal. Riding is about balance and requires the use of core muscles meaning most people will engage some different gross motor skills to their normal day-to-day activities. Our Horse Games are run by our experienced instructors, with assistance from another adult.


A camp focused on horses and riding… with a bit of other stuff added in! Designed for those who love horses and just want to learn about them, our Horse Camps happen during the school holidays. This may be a stand-alone camp or a “stream” within another holiday camp depending on numbers. At Horse Camp you will meet other horse-crazy people, and have a great time hanging out with your new friends and our beautiful equines. Horse Camp sessions involve learning to care for and handle a horse, as well as riding tuition and confidence-building games with our horses. For Horse Camp you may bring your own horse or share one of ours with one other camper. Our whole team of instructor’s help run Horse Camps, with the riding and horse care sessions being taken by our Horse Instructor.


This is our Horse Riding Lesson Club. Learn all the basics of horse and Pony care in a fun group of other horse-crazy children. Designed for those who love horses, and maybe, just maybe, want to own one someday… This course will teach you how to care for a horse, including, handling, grooming, saddling-up, day-to-day care, health basics, and feeding a horse. Bookings are essential.


Our Instructor is available for afterschool and some weekend horse riding lessons. An extremely experienced instructor, they can instruct complete beginner riders through to riders who are confident and out competing every weekend. They have competed in eventing, dressage and showing. They understands the dynamics of training and schooling a horse from scratch. Our instructor is especially good at building confidence in children and tailoring lessons to meet individual needs and stages. Lessons are usually an hour in length and bookings are essential as spaces are limited. Riders may use one of the Lakewood Lodge horses or bring their own horse in for a lesson.


Therapy Sessions for children or adults who have challenging needs. We are available for special bookings with our horses for therapy sessions. Our instructor is experienced in working with Children with Additional Needs, as well as Adults with Mental Wellness challenges. They also have past experience with Riding for the Disabled. Being around horses or horse riding itself has been proven to assist many physical, emotional and mental issues. All our horses are quiet and unflappable, we can tailor make sessions for anyone, of any age, who would benefit from a therapy session. Horses are said to mirror our soul… and without a doubt they are very sensitive animals who react to a persons’ demeanor very quickly. Being around horses helps a person to learn calmness and self-control. This can be especially good for children who have exhuberant tendancies, as they have to learn to find an inner peace. Time spent just grooming a horse can be good for those people who need emotional stability in their lives. Our horses are solid, stable and calm and this can be a very emotionally reassuring space to be in.

Please speak to us regarding therapy sessions and we can discuss options for your situation.