Mudrun | Lakewood Lodge

Looking for something fun?


The Mud Run is so much fun! This is a highlight for many campers! Mud, water, obstacles and did we say mud? Or more mud?

Mud is natural, it can’t hurt you, washes off easily and it is super fun! Mud is that grey squishy stuff that goes between toes and fingers and sticks to your shirt and shorts!

The Mud Run: The name says it all: running (or more like swimming) through the mud. Lakewood Lodges’ twist on the mud run is that while you run you also need to avoid obstacles and you need to jump over items and go through things like tyres. This activity is done in our Survival Adventure area and the goal is to do this as fast as you can.

The Mud Run is great for students and adults alike. Running through mud is always combined with a lot of laughter. Did you know that mud holds a friendly soil bacteria? Mud is often called the ‘happy hormone’ Or did you know that muddy people can be leaders? They are not afraid to experiment and try new things. They are adventurous and while they play in the mud, they build character and develop confidence in themselves! Lots of benefits but most of all it is fun for everyone.

So, if you come to Lakewood Lodge for camp, event or party, be sure to do the Mud Run! You and your friends will love it!