Welcome to our horses


Height – 15.2 hh
Breed – T.B
D.O.B – 28.10.06

Buddy has the biggest character! He is also very accident prone! 
Buddy loves jumping and causing trouble. 
Buddy was breed to be a racehorse, but he prefers playing around rather than go galloping. 


Height – 11.2 hh
Breed – Welsh sec A
D.O.B – 16.9.11

Barney is our show off. He likes strutting his stuff.
He has made friends with Jack and Daisy.
He loves teaching children how to ride, at the weekends.


Height – 16.2 HH
Breed – Standardbred
D.O.B – 28-11-11
Race Name – Highflyer S (113205)

Alfie is our gentle giant, don’t let his size put you off.
Alfie was meant to be a trotter, like Maz, but never started his career.


Height – 13.1 HH
Breed – Welsh x Arab
D.O.B – 12-10-13
Beau is our baby, of the group. He is a cheeky chap and wants to be involved in everything.
Beau has fallen in love with Britney, how could you not? She is gorgeous.
Beau loves to play with the hoof ball and splash in the river.


Height – 16.1 HH
Breed – Standardbred
D.O.B – 20-10-97
Race Name – Macelbee (978691)

Maz is our old man. He started his life as a trotter, but was too slow, only making $118. 
Maz is taking it slow, in his old age. But don’t let his age fool you, he is still the boss and tells the younger horses off. 
Maz loves hacking out and walking around the lake.


Height – 13.1 HH
Breed – Halflinger
D.O.B – 1-4-05

Britney aka Blondie, is our most beautiful looking pony. 
Britney loves working. She loves to walk really fast. 
Britney has a boyfriend, his name is Beau. It was love at first sight.


Height – 31”
Breed – Mini
D.O.B – 1-4-05

Jack is our smallest pony. He is a miniature pony. 
Jack’s best friend and sister is Daisy, our other mini.
Jack has a wall eye, which means a blue eye. Have a look. 
Jack is broken in to take the cart out for rides. He can also be ridden but you would have to be very small.
He loves taking children for rides in the cart around the lake.


Height – 33”
Breed – Mini
D.O.B – 1-5-04

Daisy is a miniature pony. Her younger brother is Jack, they love each other.
Daisy is our speed demon, she loves to go really fast. 
Her favourite race is the bending race.
She loves having cuddles, so go give her a squeeze.