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Each night after dinner, our instructors will lead evening activities. Perform a piece at the concert then dance at the disco, fear the mystery and darkness of the burma trail, sing campfire songs and roast marshmallows at the firepit, or burn some energy playing spotlight!


Dive into the unknown mysteries of Lakewood Lodge, be blindfolded and sent out in between the trees in a mystery location to find your way back off the trail. Who knows what horrifying things lay ahead of you!


Head into the steep trees of our sheep paddock and play games of instructor-lead hide-and-seek, spotlight, and red light-green light!


Gather around the campfire to sing songs, tell stories and roast marshmallows with your friends.


On your last night of camp, you can perform a concert piece with your friends or groups. You can sing, dance, act, tell jokes, perform magic, or our favourite - impersonate the instructors or teachers and their awesome quirks.

Then dive into the disco! The lights will turn off and strobe party lights will replace them with our speakers blaring songs to sing along to and dance away the rest of the evening!

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