Evening Activities

We organise the evening activities for you.

Fire Pit

Gather around the camp fire for songs, stories and toasted marshmallows. You will have collected wood for the campfire earlier in the day.

Burma Trail

Find your way through the trees blindfolded. Who knows what scary things lie in wait for you!


Every day you would have been practising your concert item. On your last camp night after dinner, the stage is set up, the MC is appointed, the lights are lowered and you are on! The Lakewood team will also entertain you with their hilarious concert items.


The highlight of your camp! The living area is rearranged, the sound system is set up, the disco flashing lights go on and the smoke system is going.
Disco time!

Spot Light

Take your torches, follow the rules and capture the instructors.

Owl Eyes

Find the luminous "owl eyes" around the camp to make up words relevant to Lakewood Lodge.