Meet our super friendly sheep during your stay. Have a go at giving them some leafy greens at animal feeding and you'll make friends with them super quickly! NEW ARRIVAL 21 April 2020 OLIVER The ram


Our chickens roam around our property as they please, but hang out mostly with Betty and the pigs in the coop paddock. Let them eat out of your hand at animal feeding, and try to gently pick them up and give them a cuddle! Collect their eggs from the coop and bring them up to the kitchen at the Lodge!


We have two pigs that hang out down next to our chicken coop. They're a little bit shy, but love to run around the coop paddock and play in the mud! Meet them at animal feeding.


Betty is our sassy, playful goat. She absolutely loves to play and joke around with the staff, and she has such a big personality! People can find her playful nature intimidating as her way of play is to headbutt and run around, but she means the best, Promise! She loves bread, watermelon and to be scratched.


Kevin is a very special rooster, He gets bullied by the other chickens down at the chicken coop, so he hangs out up at the Lodge with the staff and gets treated like a king! Kevin loves his new life up the top, despite only having one eye from the fights he used to get into!

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