After daily activities, there is free time for other various activities. There are plenty of options to choose from such as hanging out with the farm animals, zooming down the water slide, or head down to the hall for a game of table tennis or team volleyball. Plenty to do!!


Get active! Let our staff teach you how to play an epic game of J-Ball on our court outside the Hall, or have a tournament with your Group!


With one of our staff members, anyone can race down our Camp Water Slide. Get into your togs and see how long it takes to get to the bottom. The biggest splash, or  the most stylish slide down are always popular with children and adults!


Have some quiet time in the lodge or outside! Grab a deck of cards and play games with your peers, use our board games or pick up a book to spend your time before dinner.


Join one of our staff members in feeding the sheep, Betty the goat, the pigs, and the chickens! Help carry their food, collect eggs, give Betty a scratch and gently pick up our chickens to give them a cuddle!

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